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#5 Signs To Know If You Are Spiritually Gifted.

When we talk about spiritual gifted people, people who possesses on gift or the other from the spiritual realm not necessarily related to religion or anything but there are some certain people out there who feel this energy around them and are very certain that some things are not just ordinary when they occur but observation has made it been revealed that this things are true. These are the signs to know if you posses a gift that is out of this realm.

#1: knowing Things before Time

People who are gifted like this at times get to know things ahead of time, it would just happen as if they have been in that scene a long time ago and this things there might not be geniue explanation to it or why it occured some people fall to this category.

#2: They Sense Things fast

People of this category sense things very fast they would just be like I know something wants to happen and most especially it could be maybe something bad or good as well but they sense things so fast before other people could sense it 

#3: Dreams

They have this ability to dream and most times it comes to pass and after that thing has happened they would be like I had the dream of this thing wanting to happen.

#4: They feel bad Energy

Some set of spiritual gifted people also posses this attribute but not common they always feel something bad is about to happen and they are always accurate about that thing, it might just pop up to their mind something is about happening.

#5: They Detect lies Fast

This is not also very common too but people of this category detect when people lie to them and they would even tell you the accurate thing and you be so amazed how do they come to realize the truth.

People with this attribute or being gifted like this are most likely to be calm and always quiet to sense or perseve things around.


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