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3 Things Destiny Etiko's Adopted Daughter Could Learn From Her (Photos)

The Nigerian movie industry is a competitive industry, with only a select few breaking through to stardom. Year after year, new faces enter Nollywood, and while some prove their doubters wrong and go on to become household celebrities, others regrettably fail to live up to the hype & fade away like a cloud.

Chinenye Eucharia

If you haven't heard, there's a new youngster on the block named Chinenye Eucharia, who is a huge fan of Destiny Etiko. Her rise to popularity has been a fascinating story. Chinenye has gone from being a normal girl on the street to becoming a celebrity overnight, with over100,000 Instagram followers just in 7 days.

Some argue that she was just a lucky girl to cross paths with Destiny Etiko, but I believe that her unusual encounter with Destiny Etiko, in which she was pushed away by bouncers, was destined to be because it has opened doors of opportunity for her, including her first-ever role in a movie.

Chinenye will have a lot to learn as a rookie. Having a role model like Destiny Etiko is a great plus for her, and this writer believes she will learn these three fine qualities from Destiny Etiko and become a better actress as a result.

1. Good Fashion

Destiny Etiko is unrivaled when it comes to Nollywood actresses pushing the boundaries of style and fashion. Destiny Etiko will definitely teach Chinenye some tips about dressing attractive which can only be done with a blend of self-confidence and a strong eye for design.

2. Hard Work & Commitment

Being successful and remaining hungry for success are two very different things. There are numerous examples of Nollywood actresses who were unable to maintain their drive for achievement when it mattered most. This is how they went from being success stories to being forgotten names.

Destiny Etiko has been hungry for success since the beginning of her career, and she will instill in Chinenye that same drive to succeed. Destiny Etiko's first major film, Idemili, earned her a nomination for "Best Promising Actress" at the "City People Entertainment Awards" in 2014. She hasn't slowed down since, winning numerous awards, and achieving big things.

3. Versatility

This is, without a doubt, one of the most defining qualities that separates great movie stars. Destiny Etiko is one of Nollywood's most versatile actresses, and I'm certain she'll teach Chinenye how to adapt and perform effectively in a variety of roles rather than being stereotyped to one.

Do you think Chinenye will become a star in Nollywood?

Content created and supplied by: Johnniepen (via Opera News )

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