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Six Life Lessons From The Movie "Acrimony".

Six Life Lessons From The Movie "Acrimony".

Acrimony simply means a state of "had I know" which will be fueled by memories, resentments, pain and anger for decisions and actions mainly bad which has resulted in your present state. 

The life lessons to learn from this movie are:

1. Revenge is the best dish served cold.

When you are angry, the best thing to do is nothing. Don't even think, just let the anger subside.

2. A Relationship should be off social media.

Social media does not need to know everything that happens in your relationship. Don't hide the fact that you are in a relationship, but keep the things that happen therein private as much as possible. Same applies to your life.

3. People can be Selfish, extremely selfish.

Even when Robert saw his wife taking a second job to keep their finances afloat or even the incidence of his battery being responsible for blowing all their electrical wiring, he was still much more concerned with himself and achieving his own goal.

4. No matter how brilliant you are, access is everything.

Without access to the right people, you may never achieve your full potential.

5. Take care of your mental health.

People pay more attention to their physical health than their mental health. While you devote resources to the body, devote to the brain as well. This is very important.

6. There is no end to belief.

Your dreams will always come through, just stay true to it. Whilst you wait for that tomorrow, remember there is today and pay the required price to live for today.

What's your say on the movie, who was wrong, the wife or the husband? leave a comment below.

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