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2 Things Pasuma Always Do In Showing Respect To K1, That Saheed Osupa Has Never Done To K1

No doubt, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal better known as K1, is a leading Fuji music artiste. In fact, aside from Alhaji Kolawole Ayinla otherwise referred to as Kollinton Ayinla, it would be hard to name any other living Fuji musician who can be said to be a senior to K1 in the hierarchy of Fuji music stars today. So, K1 deserves all the respect he can get from all other Fuji music stars lower to him in the hierarchy. 

And for the purpose of clarity, there may be a need to list out the Fuji music stars behind K1, though, in no particular order. So, the likes of Sir Shina Akanni, Chief Adewale Ayuba, Alhaji (Dr.) Sefiu Alao Adekunle also known as Baba Oko, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma, King (Dr.) Saheed Okunola simply known as Saheed Osupa, and Asiwaju Abass Akande popularly known as Obesere. Others are Alayeluwa Sulaiman Alao Adekunle popularly known as Malaika, Alhaji Sulaiman Adio better known as Atawewe, Alhaji Taye Adebisi also known as Taye Currency, Alhaji Muri Madegun popularly known as Muri Thunder, and Igwe Remi Aluko.

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Out of all the foregoing Fuji music stars, it is only Obesere that seems not to accept K1 as his leader in the industry. And the beef between the two of them, dates back to many years ago. In essence, all the rest are in good terms with the King of Fuji music as K1 is also known, and they usually give him the honuor that is due to him where ever, and when ever they meet him. Meanwhile, two of the junior Fuji music stars to K1 in the person's of Pasuma and Saheed Osupa, who on their own part, are contemporaries and at the same time, fierce rivals, have been observed over time, to show respect to K1 in certain ways, when they meet him any where.

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But it would be instructive to analyze how their individual relationships have been with K1 first, before going into their different ways of showing respect to him when greeting. K1, as the King of Fuji music for years, never had a second-in-command until Pasuma woke up one day, and said he wanted to be Otunba K1, that is, the second-in-command to K1. And K1 obliged him. So, Pasuma became known as Otunba K1 when Saheed Osupa, his arch rival in the Fuji music industry, did not have any title. And Saheed Osupa even said at that time that he was okay as man with no title, that the Yorubas would refer to as "Ilesanmi", which means "no title, no problem".

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And everything was going on smoothly until Saheed Osupa too woke up one day, and felt he wanted the title of King of Music. And what did he do? He was performing on stage on a particular day with the Fuji music creator, late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, and he whispered something into the ear of Mr. Fuji, as Barrister was also known. And the next thing was that, Barrister announced that, no one should call Saheed Osupa alone again, without adding King of Music to his name. And that was how Saheed Osupa got himself the title of King of Music from Barrister.

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But, that did not go down well with Pasuma who felt the title was a challenge to the title of King of Fuji music which K1, "his own boss", was already carrying. So, Pasuma led a gang up of some other junior Fuji artistes against Saheed Osupa, and that kick-started a period of tensed controversy in the Fuji music industry, at that time. Because, as many as they were in opposition against him, Saheed Osupa defended his "Kingship Title" with all the energy he could muster, giving Pasuma and his squad, including K1 himself, abusive compositions during his live performances which were recorded by marketers, and sold to the public to listen to in their homes.

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And in the long run, when it was glaring that there was nothing anyone could do about Saheed Osupa's King of Music title, K1, Pasuma and other members of the opposing group, accepted him for it. So, his relationship returned to being cordial with K1, as he too accepted K1 as the ultimate leader of all Fuji artistes. But ironically, it was about that time, that Pasuma and K1 too had a misunderstanding, the cause of which was not made known to the public. What was, however, realized by the public was that, Pasuma dropped the title of Otunba K1, and adopted a new title of "Oga Nla of Fuji". And for a long while afterwards, Pasuma and K1 kept avoiding each other, in public.

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But in the long run, maturity took charge, and they started relating together again, like a senior and his junior Fuji star industry that they used to be. Meanwhile, it has been observed that since everything returned to normal with both Pasuma and Saheed Osupa relating to K1 as their senior, they both show respect to him in different ways, in the public. And Pasuma has devised a particular manner of greeting K1 that Saheed Osupa has never done with K1. And, this is how. While Saheed Osupa would only bend down slightly to greet K1, and shake hands with him, Pasuma on the other hand would first of all, raise his two hands up in the air, at a distance from K1 to suggest maximum respect, like members of the Transport Union in Lagos State usually salute their superior officials. 

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And secondly, when Pasuma gets close enough to K1 to shake hands, and K1 stretches his hand out to shake him, Pasuma would then squat and hold K1's leg, before receiving the handshake in the squatting posture. And that Pasuma's way of greeting K1 aptly demonstrates a manner of showing respect to a King, while Saheed Osupa's way of only bending slightly to K1, suggests the posture of a King, greeting another King, with a little bit of respect. 

And, only keen observers would have noticed those two things that Pasuma does in showing respect to the King of Fuji, K1, which the King of Music, Saheed Osupa has, obviously, never done. And, may never do.

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