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Best Romantic movies every Adult must watch in this Lockdown period

The following movies are known for their romantic and erotic scene. These are movies that are produced over 4 years ago in America which leads and top all Romantic Film.

One of the movie that is 50 shades of grey, the movie is about a wealthy and Dominating fellow who has everything a man needs in life except for the fact that he chooses to blindfold his heart to love.

Unfortunately for him, he was cut up with this lady that stole his heart.

However, Mr Fred had no ideal he fantasies and have a very weird pattern of lovemaking in which he finds pleasure in hurting his mate when having sex.

Although, the lady he chooses to carryout his quest with was so much in love that she could do anything to please Fred. She became so used to the situation and had to adapt even though she finds it annoying and displeasing.

Another movie that looks like it is the popular movie known as Kinky.

This movie just like 50 shades of grey darker is also about a successful young lady who desires all the best fantasies in sex.

She finds a man who she really love and cared about but what could she get in return other than love.

She bends her man to satisfy her in every way he could and have ever which for.

These movies are full of erotic and Romantic scene that is perfect for people that loves Romantic movie.

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