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The Best Action Movies that you would love to see again

Action movies are movie with adventures,action and lots of scenes of fighting.We will look at the the best action movie.

The Matrix (1999)

A truly ground-breaking movie in terms of both plot and special effects, The Matrix will take you into a dystopian world of human living inside a machine-synthesized illusion, where their consciousness is trapped, while their bodies are used as energy cells for the world of machines…sounds cool? This is only the tip of the iceberg!

Kill Bill – Volume 1 (2003)

This movie is as creative as it is bloody. Starring Uma Thurman in the main role, the movie tells a story about betrayal, survival, and revenge. And fighting, lots and lots of beautifully staged fighting with blood unnaturally spilling all over the place. If you know something about Tarantino aesthetics, you know that it is а beautiful movie with amazing cast and music.

Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard is first film in the series of movies that basically kick-started the career of Bruce Willis, making him the perfect action star we love so much today. This is the first time we meet Detective McLane and watch him save the day in that very charismatic way only can pull off. This is love at first sight.

Inception (2010)

Starring Leo DiCaprio, this is one of those multi-layered movies that will not let you distract from the plotline even for a minute. Rarely do we see a movie about dreams, especially when all the action takes place there, in-between different realities. The risk to lose track of what is tremendous! And once you go deep enough, chances are you simply won’t remember how to come back! It’s a stunning work by Christopher Nolan, and yes, it’s action-packed.

300 (2006)

It’s impossible to tell a story about fierce Spartans and not introduce some bloody fighting scenes. Well, the movie was released more than 10 years ago and we have seen bloodier films since then, still, 300 is a spectacular depiction of Spartans led by King Leonidas in their gut-wrenching battles. This movie is one of a kind!

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Bringing the Mad Max franchise back to life was a brilliant idea that was executed in the most action-packed, stylish, and powerful way. Yep, it’s that good! The post-Apocalyptic world looks breathtaking, the autos rock crazy designs, the main heroine played by Charlize Theron is beyond cool, and the plot will leave you wanting more. It’s a candy of a movie!

Terminator 2 (1991)

This is definitely one of the most iconic movies of all time and one of the first movies that touched upon the theme of humans and robots that want to take it over. Everything about Terminator 2 is great – the cast (especially one Arnold Schwarzenegger we all love so much), the plot, the styling, the acting…It’s hard to imagine a movie buff that is not in love with this movie.

Men In Black (1997)

The idea of aliens walking among us and government knowing all about it is not new, but this time the producer chose a more fun approach, using the talent of none other than Will Smith to create some pretty hilarious scenes. And the action with fights and sci-fi weapons is all there as well!

Atomic Blonde (2017)

It is not every day we see a gorgeous blonde fight her way through the blood-thirsty agents in World War II Berlin. Being sent by the M16 to retrieve a certain list and make it back alive and in one piece, the gorgeous undercover agent meets some unexpected resistance. The fights, the setting, and the action-packed plot of Atomic Blonde make it a fun and exciting movie to watch.

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