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5 Things You Must Do Every Morning Before You Go Out.

Welcome back esteem readers. Today, I will be sharing with you something that we do neglect to do every morning before going out.

Sometimes, when we wake up every morning, the first thing we do is to reach out to our phones, and it is wrong.

Below are 5 things you must do every morning before you go out.

1: Prayer: Yes, prayer should be the first thing you do every morning before you go out. To sleep and wake up every morning is not by your power, but by the grace of God. It is said that "to sleep is nature but to wake up is divine".

Once you wake up in the morning,go down on your knees and thank God Almighty for life and pray for his protections throughout the day.

2: stretch in bed: This is another important practice to do every morning before going out.

Once done with praying, stretch your body on the bed. Do some push up on the bed,stretch out your hands and legs,it will make you feel strong that morning.

3: Drink water: yes,this is one of the important thing to do every morning. Take a glass of water every morning to keep your body hydrated,which loses hydration while sleeping.

It also makes you feel less stressed.

4: Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast every morning before you go out makes you feel stronger.

5: Listen to music: Music is a food to the soul. Listening to music every morning will not only relieve stress but will also make feel happy throughout the day.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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