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22 Common grammatical error Nigerians make when speaking English.

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Ok. I've noticed a few tautologies commonly made by Nigerians. Feel free to post those you've noticed too.

First, a grammatical tautology is when you repeat an idea within a particular sentence or phrase, giving the impression you are providing additional information.. For example, she woke up at in the morning. Am signifies morning, why bother?

Others are

1. Very beginning-The word very is redundant in the phrase

2. Small minority Politics section - A place is regarded as minority because it's small.

3. Personal belongings-All belongings are personal, unless they've been stolen from a public place

4. PIN number- Please don't ask anybody for their pin and still say number. The initial 'n' in the acronym PIN stands for number.

5. Honest truth- A truth is either true or it isn't. Unless it's a politician speaking.

6. Past experiences -All experiences are past. All those thread starters saying 'please share your past experience', take note.

7. Old adage -Please, there's a reason it's called adage and it's because it's old

8. Live recording-Damn. All recordings are live. Music and celebrity section please.

9. Safe haven- Literature gurus, Is there such thing as unsafe haven? Havens are by their definitions safe places.

10. First time ever-It's either your first time or it isn't. Decide!

11. General public-This is the most common. All those news being addressed to the general public, unless you're treating certain members of the public as special, all members of the public are general.

12. In one way or another- If it's not true in one way, then it's not freaking true. How can something be true in both ways?

13. Exact same/ exactly the same- The word exact is redundant in this phrase

14. Advance warning -Most mods are guilty of this when warning defaulters.

15. Close proximity -Those two words mean the same thing. Why use them together?

16. In my opinion-i think that This is only used by the insufferable know it all's

17. Safe bet -All bets have an element of risk to them, thus no bet is safe. Instead, use safe option.

18. Joint collaboration -It's either a collaboration or it's a joint effort. It can't be eba and fufu

19. New innovation- Hey, there's a deactivation button o. It's a new innovation. Please, it's either you use new or innovation.

20. Walk on your legs-will I walk with my hands before?

21. Think with your brain..No I will think with my buttocks.😂

22. Shut up and stop talking.. 🥺

Feel free to add the one's you have noticed.

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