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"Life is So Unfair" - Woman Throws Newborn Twin in a Dumpster in Lagos.

I should begin by asking this question, what is parenthood? Well, my Oxford Advanced Dictionary puts it this way.

Parenthood is the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved.

If you still don't understand this, it simply means that before you have unprotected sex, be prepared to cater for your young. Yet, a lot of people have unprotected sex and fail to abort it while its few weeks old and have to give birth to them before disposing of them.

Children they say are gifts from God, but not everybody sees it that way. Today, in a picture going viral on Instagram, you could see that a woman gave birth to twins and yet still have to dispose of them in a dumpster.

Angel Okorie, a Nigerian actress also posted the picture as she wrote;

"This right here is demonic, sin against humanity and Gods judgment awaits you"

See photo.

This is so inhumane, I cried when I saw this photo. There are women, families crying, praying and fasting for the fruit of the womb but this parent decided to throw them away.

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