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After 14 years of Acting "Second Chance" See Recent Pictures of "Salvador Cerinza"

I remember back then how well and how common the soap opera titled El cuerpo del deseo was, to the extent it became very popular, that almost all families in Nigeria always gather around 9 pm in the night ready to watch just an episode of it.


El cuerpo del deseo was a Spanish-language telenovela which was produced by Telemundo and filmed in Florida . 

The soap opera follows the like of Pedro José Donoso who was played by Andrés García , a very wealthy old man who lives in a large mansion with his daughter Angela and his servants.

He then falls in love with and marries a gorgeous younger woman, Isabel Arroyo played by Lorena Rojas. Unfortunately he dies suddenly, and Isabel to the greatest shock marries an employee Andres Corona.

But fortunately Pedro Jose Donoso returns to Earth through transmigration which is the passing of a soul into another or different body after death , in the body of Salvador Cerinza played by Mario Cimarro, who is a handsome but a very yet poor family man.

Salvador was actually a very poor man who lived with his wife Cantalicia and son Moncho, but Pedro's soul forced Salvador's soul to leave Salvador's body, although Salvador hadn't or didn't die.

The series ran from July 18, 2005 to February 17, 2006.

Now the main focus of this article is about the actor who played Salvador Cerinza, his name was Mario Cimarro who is A very famous Cuban actor and really cute with his nice long hair. The 49 years actor did played the role so falwlessly as he was even able to play the role of two different characters in the movie.

Well down below are some of his recent pictures; 

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