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Laugh At These 30 Funny Photos Of What I Ordered Vs What I Got

Laugh at these 30 Funny Photos Of What I Ordered Vs What I Got 

A lot of us must have heard first hand experience, that moment you see a beautiful dress or anything that catches your fancy and you wish to have something like that made for you, it could be a dress, it could be a cake, it could be a bag e.t.c

But when it's finally ready, it might not look like what you expected. Most time, it happens when you order something online.

I know that feeling. Well, let's forget about the disappoint and laugh at these funny photos of what I ordered vs what I got.

Well, this particular photo is a recreation of the dress style by a comedian, Funny Toheeb... just to make you laugh

What do you think about these funny photos?

Hope you laughed?

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