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Ways of making it in comedy

So, you think you are funny and have what it take to be a comedian?.

Let's beginning by saying what's stand up comedy? A stand up comedy is a show or performance where a comedian perform in front of an audience to make them laugh. A joke can be written or recite off hand by the comedian. A comedy show usually get four to Six laugh per minute.

Now let's look at the necessary things you will need to be a successful comedian in the industry. There are routine set you get to understand and follow as a stand up comedian which are.


This is when the show will get it rhythm, the opening of any comedy should be good, start with a great joke to make the crowd laugh.


This is what comedians call jokes. Every bit has a setup detailing the characters and situation they’re in, and a punchline the conclusion which is the funniest part of the joke and almost always goes against what the audience expects is going to happen.


Transitions are short conversational bridges that connect one joke to the next.


The final joke in the show. It might be a callback, a reference to an earlier joke. Wrap up your set with a solid close that leaves the audience laughing. This should be great at the opening also.

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