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Even Beauty Fades, Nothing Exists Forever! What Really Happened To Beautiful Fergie (Photos)

'Even Beauty Fades, Nothing Exist Forever' What Really Happened To Beautiful Fergie (PHOTOS).

We can not really help but have the feeling that these new age, when prettiness is usually measured by the number of plastic surgery operations or beauty works to look one's age is no longer fashionable. Whether we wanted it or not, we have already played witness to numerous events in the celebrities' life and Fergie is one of them. 

Fergie is no doubt one of the famous celebrities who made her worldwide fame after she joins famous band, Black Eyed Peas. The American singer and songwriter is one of the best when it comes to rocking songs and flaunting her beauty until when she become old in her mid 40's age. 

Here are old photos of gorgeous Fergie from her 15's , she looks so beautiful and catchy. Many guys will love to have her then.

Many people insisted that she added some stuffs to her face to look more beautiful did surgery which made her look more old than her current age. Do you believe that surgery might have affected her beauty? Fergie has always looked older than her actual age. But now she's 45, and her beauty is still there if not like before. It appears that time has no power over her.

It's not a strange thing that as time goes by and you become more popular, you will desire to look more pretty than before. Here are some new pictures of pretty Fergie.

These pictures proved nothing last forever and will still continuing proving it. Do you also think she engaged in beauty works and might have caused the changes in her looks? 

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