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Meet The 25 Years Old Man That Looks Like A Baby

Alot of strange things are really happening, somethings beyond our imagination. So many weird things we can't explain, relax let me tell you about the 25 years old man trapped in a baby's body.

Manpreet Singh is a man from India, he was born in 1995, making him 25 years old. Manpreet weighs just 11 lbs, after a year he suddenly stopped growing up. It is unknown to his parents and even scientist what actually caused this condition, they say it might be caused by hormonal imbalance.

Manpreet was born as a healthy baby, it was after a year before he started walking that he suddenly stopped growing. Due to this strange condition, he can not talk or even walk, his family has to carry him around and do things for him.

Manpreet has a beautiful junior sister, Jaspreet, and a brother Mangaldeep. His siblings grew up perfectly, they didn't inherit this weird condition. His parents were unable to take care of him, so they sent him to stay with his uncle and Aunt.

Due to his strange condition, alot of people started seeing him as their god, they believe he is the reincarnation of their god, so they worship him. Manpreet does not talk, he says just a few words, but he can laugh and cry. See his lovely pictures below;

When I read stories like this, I am always thankful to God for my life. Thanks for viewing, please comment, share and follow me for more.

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