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Today's Top 8 Weird Captions: Monday July 20, 2020 (PHOTOS)

[The 'Top 8 Weird Captions' is an ORIGINAL column created by me to highlight stunning yet funny moments that are captured in snapshots as shared by regular people on social media - And I give the photos some witty captions to make it thoughtful].

It's a Monday, and of-course as usual many interesting snapshots abound on social media that offer many thoughts. Not to worry, I have got the best of those snapshots for you right here. Many times, seeing these kind of photos could make some persons go speechless, or laugh out loud, or even make you scream 'O-M-G'!

Today's 'Top 8 Weird Captions' feature a pretty lady testing her fashionista mode with banana bits & leaves, a young boy with a crafty version of a motorcycle, a young lady with a curious warning, boyfriend testing his weight balance on his notoriously endowed girlfriend, and more.

So let's get into the interesting snapshots. In no particular order, see below today's 'Top 8 Weird Captions' for your viewing pleasure:

1. It might look easy on the eye, but I can tell you for free that outdoor gymnastics stretching sometimes can be really hard to achieve. Though these young guys seem to make it even look so much fun... I just hope none of them get distracted by a mosquito!

2. Mere looking at this snapshot, it clearly reminds one of what is particularly described as 'Self Destruction'! Obviously, the helpless bald man in the midst of these endowed ladies is enjoying the mood... But the question is, does he have the 'shock absorber' to withstand the overwhelming loads!

3. No doubt, it is not easy to maintain a 'swag' attitude as a rap artiste, and one can easily tell that this black guy is serious about getting a correct swag identity. From the look of things, he sure has a clear determination of what identity he wants to achieve... And those chains must have cost a fortune though!

4. Creating a buzz for attention isn't easy most times, and it seems this pretty lady has found a way to gather the views to herself. She displays a unique mode of style costume with natural banana bits & leaves, and it is all shades of beauty... All shades of banana beauty, actually!

5. Perhaps this is a clear case of a notorious foodie who never wants to share her goodies with nobody. Even within her dearest siblings, the lady just doesn't want to share her food... From the snapshot she was all ready to 'fight till the end'!

6. Some observers see it as a stunt, but honestly I see it as test of endurance with weight. I mean, this only goes to show that a lady's backside can withstand so much weight than one can ever imagine... But let no boyfriend ever try this with a slim girlfriend, though!

7. Sometimes one just wonders what goes through the minds of some persons who never relent in getting their messages across, regardless of the odds. This young lady didn't mind getting wet in the swimming pool, but she just had to get her warning-caption across to potential violators... And by the way, that was a bold warning from her!

8. Of-course great things start from small beginnings, and great minds are constantly at work with fabulous creative ideas. This young boy makes a good view of his crafty motorcycle practically made out of wood 100%! The craft is a promising one indeed... But can this wooden motorcycle survive the typical traffic of Lagos city in Nigeria?!

Really some very exciting snapshots highlighted in this piece, and showing quite some fun moments as well.

Quick teaser >> From today's 'Top 8 Weird Captions', which ONE did you find really fascinating - 1, 2, 3, 5, or which ONE exactly?

Share your thoughts!

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