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These 17 tweets and savage replies will leave you in stitches

Social media has now brought people together in unexpected ways. Because people can now socialize and have conversations on their phones, some have been able to display their inherent wit which they might not feel comfortable showing in a physical conversation.

These are funny replies from different people that will show you that will there are comedians hidden in the most unexpected places.

1.and when you check it, the reply was on point

2.The officer will not even see the brake light of the car if they were involved in a chase

3. This is the funniest online conversation ever! amount of salve can heal that BURN.

5.on point

6.such a logical deduction should be turned into a quote

"If your wife owns a building, it doesn't make you a landlord" me tell him ooo'll be lucky if you even see new AC for #100,000


11.over sense dey worry the guy

12.Bill Gates hahahahahahahaha



15.i can't take that

16.and the earth would smoothly have 1 less idiot

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