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9 Actors Who Hated Kissing Their Co-stars

Most humans dream of being able to lock lips with a hot celebrity, but these actors and actresses didn’t like the idea of kissing their co-stars for reasons known to them, some revealed their reasons for hating it while others didn’t. 

Being a celeb comes with a lot of perks and benefits, when you attain celebrity status, you are known as One of the most attractive humans on Earth. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people want to become celebrities. 

We have seen a lot of movies where the lead act and his love interest lock lips together, they make it look so real and sensual but its not always that way, there’s a lot of pretense going on when the camera is on. Some of these celebs didn’t enjoy kissing each other as some found the opposite disgusting or unhealthy. 

Believe it or not, you and your costar may be quite attractive to the viewers but it doesn’t mean they want you guys to lock lips. 

Today I have compiled a list of Actors who did not want to kiss their Co-Stars.

9) Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner

Known for their roles in the Epic Twilight Saga which is one of the most successful franchise in box office. It’s a good thing the director of the show picked the vampire as her love interest because she said she found kissing Taylor Lautner a hard task for her.

She noted that she didn’t like it because it felt out of character. Nevertheless, the two hotties shared a hot kiss somewhere in the movie and it felt like they both enjoyed it, but she didn’t. 

8) Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan

If you have ever watched 50 shades of grey, you’d understand the grave of my shock as this movie oozed chemistry and attraction between the Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Reports have stated that they both hated just almost every second of intimacy they shared in the movie. The movie actually left fans disappointed as fans cited fake acting between the two stars and it is said that they hate each other. 

7) Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has always been one of Hollywood hottest actors and he Had women grooving over him. His career is considered one of the most successful and incredible careers in Hollywood. 

He may be all these things but he is not a good kisser. This was revealed by Newton herself after she had a racy seen with him in mission impossible 2. 

6) Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper

When Bradley cooper and Jennifer Lawrence had to lock lips together, thins didn’t go as planned as neither of them was satisfied with their efforts. Jennifer branded cooper a wet kisser. He later commented on her response saying, no one wants to hear that from a lady, and he knew it wasn’t a compliment. It has been years since that forgettable experience and both parties have moved on but not both parties have become better at kissing co-stars, the critic herself has had co-stars give negative comments about her abilities. 

5) Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson didn’t enjoy locking lips with hunger games costar Jennifer Lawrence, he explained that it wasn’t a good experience and he called her a slobbery kisser. See how the tables turned. 

4) Jennifer Lawrence And Liam Hemsworth

Another costar Jennifer Lawrence got to kiss was the handsome Liam hemsworth. Liam stated that he didn’t enjoy kissing Jennifer Lawrence for a different reason entirely. Apparently, he feels they are like best friends and it felt weird kissing her. He also stated that she jokes around about eating garlic or tuna fish right before they had a kissing scene. 

3) Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt

Seems Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere at this stage, we can all agree that she is the bad kisser between she and her costars. She shared a hot steamy scene with chris patt in the intriguing movie, PASSENGERS.

Jennifer was very worried and about the experience. She wasn’t comfortable because she was having a steamy scene with a married man. So she got her self drunk for the scene just to make her loosen up a bit.

2) Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

The Notebook remains one of the best romantic movies out of Hollywood. Staring Hollywood darling Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, it is one of the most loving and heartbreaking movie your babe will surely force you to watch with her at some point. 

Now, the weird thing is Gosling and McAdams didn’t like each other even while they filmed the movie. It was so serious Ryan asked the movie director to remove her from set and bring in another actress. Till this date I still wander how they were able to share a kiss with so much bad blood between them. 

The story took another turn when news broke out that Ryan Gosling and Rachel were dating, this happened shortly after the movie was released.

1) Emma Watson And Rupert Grint

Remember these cute lovebirds in the harry potter movie franchise? They were the cutest of couples and fans were really rooting for them together. Its such a shame they didn’t enjoy the experience because they had real connection and chemistry in the movie. When asked about it, Rupert Grint noted that he had known Emma Watson since she was 9 years old, he explained that what they had was a sibling like relationship and being asked to kiss her felt very weird. 

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