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Laugh Till You Are Tired, With These 21 Funny Pictures And Jokes.

Laugh Till You Are Tired, With These 21 Funny Pictures And Jokes.

1. When NEPA refuses to bring light, but you are a genius.

2. If you understand this, you are a legend.

3. How to avoid late night thunder.


5. Just imagine the kind of beating this guy will receive.

6. After everything, it is still Emeka.

7. Convincing her that you are wife material.

8. The village people strikes again.

9. Double trouble.

10. Who told you to break up with me.

11. Those days we thought we were Michael Jacksons.

12. How to become a football legend.

13. Who is the father.

14. Do you see a couch in this image?

15. When you are just too savage for your own good.

16. The glorious transformation.

17. Say no more.

18. This my friends, is love.

19. At least I didn't fail JAMB three times.

20. Who do we call in this kind of situation.

21. What do you elf eyes see.

That is it guys, hope you had fun and laughed till your u got tired.

Which picture or meme made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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