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Why Blessing Okoro Is Right By Saying That Saga Doesn't Love Nini Following Her 'Disappearance' (Video)

In this article, we shall look into reasons the relationship expert, Blessing Okoro Nkiriuka is right by saying Saga doesn't love Nini, rather it's just the content Nigerians signed up for.

Following the secret task given to Nini by Big Brother which demanded her to leave the main house to a secret arena and return after 24 hours, reactions from celebrities and individuals have struck the social media space. Blessing Okoro on her part has asserted that Saga doesn't love Nini rather it's just a game and nothing more. In a post she made via her Instagram page, she noted that Saga doesn't like Nini the way Ozo never loved Nengi. Speaking further, Blessing CEO noted that the cause of this whole attachment is due to the way the house is structured; no phones, no books or anything to keep a person entertained or lively as the case may be.

However, having said this, here are some reasons she may be right about her claim.

First, Saga's behaviour: no doubt, Saga possibly may not be in love with Nini owing to the way he has reacted seen she disappeared. Saga has become so emotional, so much so that people are now wondering why he is behaving in such an awkward manner. If Saga truly loves Nini and isn't putting up drama for the sake of the show, he ought to have put himself together and understand the fact that Nini is not dead or hurt, rather Big Brother may be playing a prank or so on. Saga could probably be using his excessive display of emotions to get people to like him and subsequently vote for him.

Second, Ozo's case with Nengi is a shinning example: just as we saw in the previous season, after Ozo chased Nengi all over the house, their relationship didn't see the light of the day when they still came out. This is a clear example that Saga may still be in the same situation that Ozo was, and that's not having any other option apart from that one person who is constantly around you. When Saga faces the outside world again, he will probably toss his feelings for Nini aside.

Therefore, to me, I strongly feel that Blessing Okoro is right by what she said. But notwithstanding, time will definitely tell.

Watch Blessing Okoro's Instagram live session HERE.

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