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"I don't think it is ethical for anybody to be a billionaire." Angel says

The current season of Big Brother Naija has had so many highlights from different discussions that the 26 housemates has had since the reality show started.

On Saturday afternoon, Angel, Pere, Cross, Saga, Nini, Liquorose and Emmanuel were in a discussion. Angel stated that she doesn't think it is ethical for anybody to be a billionaire.

Nini responded, "don't say that here because I want to be a billionaire."

Angel replied, "I don't think it is ethical for anybody to be a billionaire in dollars, do you know how rich Elon Musk is? A human shouldn't have so much money."

Nini answered, " if it's in dollars, I don't have a problem, but in naira, I am going to be a billionaire."

Saga responded that those billionaires earned the money they got, and that most of them are involved in charity. He further stated that anybody that can give when he has millions, he can't give when he starts earning in billions but almost all these billionaires give back to the society.

Furthermore, Angel stated that an average married man with children earning hundred thousand naira a month is not rich, she said that considering that he has to pay school fees for his kids, pay bills, pay rent, pay for transportation or fuel his car if he has one, he has nothing.

White Money responded that a married man earning hundred thousand naira a month is a boss on the streets but with the normal standard of living, he's barely surviving.

Saga replied that a normal graduate earns like sixty thousand naira a month, Pere surprised by his statement said that is a very poor system of payment.

Saga responded that he was earning almost one hundred and thirty thousand naira a month, he stated he didn't like the pay nor the job but was doing it alongside been an artist.

Finally, White Money told the housemates how bad the payment system in Nollywood is.

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