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Stop saying "I saw your miss calls", it's incorrect-See the correct word and 18 others.

There are some English you speak that are no more needed or sounds bad to people hearing it.

We say it everyday,but we don't know. But we will treat those English and get solutions to it.

1: Don't say "name it--- the right word is "call it

2: Don't say "Ear piece--- the right word is "ear Phone.

3: Don't Say "Escape goat--- the right word is "scape goat.

4:Don't say "Mother-in-laws --- the right word is "Mothers-in-law.

5:Don't Say "Plate Number-- the right word is "number Plate.

6: Don't Say "Open teeth-- the right word is "Gap tooth.

7: Don't say "k-leg--- the right word is "knock.

8: Don't say "down nepa-- the right word is "power outage.

9: Dont say "up nepa--the right word is "power has been restored.

10:Don't say "I actually have two trousers ---the right word is "I actually have two pairs of trousers.

11: Don't say One of the boy is here---the right word is "One of the lads is here.

12:Dont say "drinking water---the right word is "Drinkable water.

13:Don't say "driving licence---the right word is "drivers license.

14: Don't say "i like watching movies--- the right word is "like seeing movies.

15:Don't say "Keke napep---the right word is "tricycle.

16:Don't say "I even have shoe--- the right word is "i have couple of shoes.

17:Don't say "commissioner's quarter--- the right word is "commissioner's quarters

18: Don't say "I became bitten via rain---the right word is "changed into drenched

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