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BBN: I Find It Hard To Sleep Sometimes At Night After The Show - Saga Tells Dele Momodu

It's been over a week now since one of your favorite ex-Big Brother Naija 'Shine ya eyes' season 6 reality show 2021 housemates left the Biggie's house. However, he the young man has been going about his media rounds answering one question or the other concerning his moment in Biggie's house.

There is no doubt that most of the questions he has to respond to will have to do with his relationship with Nini. Recall that he noted that she was simply the only lady that caught his attention and the moments he spent with her can not forget in a hurry.

Here is a video of him in a one-on-one interview with a former presidential candidate and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the ovation magazine known as Dele Momodu.

During their conversation he was asked if he love Nini, he responded with a laugh as he noted that he just can not love someone like that, stating that it has to take some time to know the person, which implies he saying he doesn't love her (Nini) everyone seems to have perceived it.

He was further asked if he thinks Nini loves him as well, again he answered and said that he can not tell if she feels the same way he does. In conclusion, the interviewer asks him how is he coping now that he is out of the house and he is not having her around him following the fact that they both sleep together visually every day.

He however replied and said that it has not been easy for him as he stated that he has been finding it difficult to sleep at night because she is not by his side and the fact that he has gotten so used to her presence

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