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It is good to save for rainy days, look what this lady found after breaking her piggy bank. (Photos)

From a young and tender age, we have been taught by our parents and society in general about the habits of saving. In fact, our parents deserves some accolades for instilling values that will someday be beneficial to our existence. A lady on social media has shared a beautiful post about how her saving culture has surprised her.

The lady identified as Rosey Emmanuel shared the inspiring post to members of a group on Facebook. She was stunned to see how much she was able to save just over six months.

From the pictures she shared, it is quite evident that the money she saved will definitely go a long way in cushioning the harsh effects of the present economy.

It is quite advisable to imbibe the spirit of saving money for hard times such as this. We never know what tomorrow holds, an effective and well cut out plan can effectively metamorphose into something big and reliable in the future. Start saving today!

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Rosey Emmanuel


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