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She Needs A Permanent Business And Not Photoshop And Flash Life- Fans React Mary's Photoshoot

Fans reacted over the viral pictures of the one leg pure water seller who celebrated her birthday today. Her current transformation has been causing reaction on social media, though everyone was happy how her life has changed for good. In the world we live today money is everything, there is certain level we supposed to have attain but due to lack of finance and help everything went into the dustbin.

However, some fans reacted and according to them "She needs her own permanent business and not Photoshop and flash life. She should not go the way others did after all the flaunting on social media and they ended up with nothing." Though according to the comment "Well this is awesome but this lady should not go the way of many before her, what we need is an entrepreneurial rehabilitation approachat. An approved shop, a mobility plan and then a convenient way of doing business for her.

Not photoshop and flash life, we are too used to temporary things." she needs her own establishment and not a social media life. Though there are people who are putting in their efforts for her to smile and find reason to live. Nobody believed that Mary Daniel is a beautiful lady, the way she had transformed makes me to believe God never disappoint the helpless. God who started it will finish it for her and he will never allow her to be in shame.

Actually, we are too used to social media life then forgetting what we supposed to do. Mary Daniel is a role model to people, despite her being physically challenged she didn't give up. What baffles me is that, there are people who have complete body but they are not doing anything to help themselves. The reason people helped her was because she was diligent to what she was doing.

God can't help you when all you think and do is to eat and sleep. God always bless you with what you are doing and I pray we find favour in the sight of men.

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