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See Why "She Is 18" Is Trending On Twitter And People's Reactions To It

Corporal punishment has always been an issue in this part of the world, especially since more people are trying to adopt the western way of life.

A video of a Nigerian father flogging his daughter is going viral on social media. This video has stir up a lot of reactions from people especially on Twitter. The aftermath of this reaction is what gave rise to "She is 18" that is presently trending and causing a heated debate Twitter.

At a time School teachers were strongly advised to do away with cane when punishing pupils or students but this is yet to be the new normal everywhere. Is it possible to totally eradicate corporal punishment in this part of the world?

Watch video through the link below

Back to the viral video, the girl being flogged is 18-year-old already. And she was being flogged because she disobeyed a simple instruction given to her by her father. Her father told her not to join a whatsapp group chat but she disobeyed and joined anyway.

What do you think of this, is it a bad thing to flogged an 18-year-old grown-up girl. Do you see this as discipline or child's right violation? We will like to hear your view

These are people's reactions to the video 

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