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Ladies, Here are Habits that Keep you Single

In the recent times, more ladies are staying single for a long time. some of them end up not marrying, not because they didn't want to marry or there are no men to marry them. Some claim to be bewitched, others claim to be unlucky, the truth is that they exhibited some habits which either scared men away or deprived them the opportunity of getting hooked up to one.

Here are some of the habits that keep ladies single.

1. Feeling that you are not good enough

Some ladies develop the feeling that they are not good enough. This is a very serious disadvantage. To feel that you are not Beautiful, competent, educated or unworthy may keep you single for a long time.

This lack of confidence or self esteem scares people away from you or deprive you of useful opportunities. Ladies who marry early are those who have self esteem and do not feel unworthy. Those who appreciate the innate potential in them and do not live their life to please anybody, but displays their real life everyday with confidence.

2. Feeling of frustration and depression

Many ladies are so depressed and ignorant that before getting to the age of 30, they are already feeling very unhappy. This lifestyle will keep you single for a long time.

Obviously ladies exhibit different lifestyle to men. Some of these lifestyle are given to them by culture

The mindset that will bring your expectations is found in the words of Epictetus "he is a wise man that does not grieve for the things he has not, but rejoices for those he has"

You must learn never to grief for the things you do not have, but to rejoice for the abundant blessings of life, good health, beauty etc that you have.

3. Limitations of culture

One other lifestyle that keeps ladies single is their adherence to the limitations of culture such as "it is not proper for a lady to talk to a man first" or "I should not call except he calls me". Aisha Yusuf, the activist blamed most ladies who are single for their condition. According to her, if they cannot approach you, approach them.

Many men are shy and may not boldly go for what they want. They need to be influenced. Feel free to wisely go for what you want without being restrained by cultural limitations.

4. Not doing anything to realize your dreams

Most ladies believes that a lady plays no role in seeking for a husband. This is a negative lifestyle. Ladies must overcome cultural limitations and also make efforts to choose their required future partners.

This may be in the form of getting close to your dream prospects. Chatting with them, texting them and do all that is required to achieve your dream.


Don't wait for the things you are expecting to come to you. They may be too shy to come. The right lifestyle is to go for them wisely.

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