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Funny Photos Of Attires Worn Against Corono Virus.

We all can remember when coro started, early this year. Then it came to our own turn down hear around March. All over there was shaking and trembling, as it took lots of lives and left many hopeless and sorrowful. It became a great source of concern to everyone as the rich, the most powerful, the oldest were not spared. Coro did not fear or respect anyone at all.

Yet still we still have to look for means to survive other than waiting for hunger virus to kil somebody before coro does. Lots of people protected in themselves during the heat of coro. Coro no be child's play at all. 

The photos looks so funny and I laugh endlessly when I came across some of those pictures and then I decided to share them here. So you can also have a dose of the laughter too, and remember to be begging of Corobaby.

 Enjoy your day with these funny for pictures.

Don't forget to share how you protected your self from coro😆😆..

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