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BBN: Biggie Gives Nini A Top Secret Task

Big Brother Naija housemate, Nini, has been given a fresh task by Biggie in the reality show house for this week. The task that Nini is expected to carry out is the first of its kind in the tv reality show house.

During her dairy session today, Biggie charged Nini on a mission to secretly escape from the show house through the secret emergency exit for a period of 24 hours.

According to Biggie's instructions, Nini must not tell anyone in the house about her mission. In addition, she is instructed to carry a bag with a few of her important items in it.

When the door opens, she must walk through the door. She must not tell anyone in the house when questions arise. She must pretend as being ignorant of the whole prank.

However, Biggie has not revealed to Nini where she will stay for that period of 24 hours when she will be out of the show house. Hopefully, Biggie would arrange a place for her for the prank to succeed.

This is one of the recent pranks charged by Biggie to be played by some housemates in 'Shine Ya Eyes' edition of the show. The first prank was the fake eviction selection which Biggie ordered the former head of house, Maria, to carry out.

Another prank was Liquorose' fight with her lover, Emmanuel, which was equally scripted by Biggie. Similarly, Saga was also ordered to play pranks on his lover, Nini, by starting up a quarrel with her.

So far, Maria was able to carry out her prank game successfully by making the housemates believed that she was given the authority to evict housemates who less impressed her. She was rewarded by Biggie for doing that.

Liquorose, on her side was also able to complete her secret task successfully, by ignoring Emmanuel and fighting him emotionally. She made him believed that it was over between them. Yet, in reality, she was just playing pranks. She was also rewarded by Biggie.

Saga failed in his task. He revealed the prank to Nini and gave up in the task. Biggie punished him accordingly.

Now, would Nini be able to carry out this task ahead of her? Judging from her personality, her relationship situation in the house and her commitment to her previous tasks, do you think that she will be able to carry out this task?

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