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This Is Why Yemi Alade Is The Queen Of African Music Not Tiwa Savage

The Nigerian Music Industry has been blessed to possess exceptional talents like Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage. they're little question two of the most important Nigerian females within the Nigerian music industry at the instant . they need proven they deserve every aorta of recognition that they need gotten. we've watched them grow from once they began to where they're now. it's right to mention their sort of music isn’t that similar but they need mastered the power to release songs that their primary market would understand and vibe to.

The comparison between these two amazing singers can't be overlooked. Many have said Yemi may be a better singer, others have argued that Tiwa is that the better one. Many have compared the amount of awards they need won, the amount of nominations, the amount of local and international collaborations, the load of the persons they need collaborated with, the streaming numbers, etc. 

While it’s tough for a few people to mention who the simplest is, it's quite easy for others to mention who the simplest is with facts that hold weight. Their fans have played a serious role in pitching them against one another . the 2 had a social media hassle a short time ago where they were comparing who possesses a far better body. While they might always say they are doing not have any issue with one another , we hardly will see the 2 of them together at major events or a collaboration any time soon. 

No doubt, they need both had interesting times within the Nigerian music industry. they need both had moments. they need both owned the stage at some points in their career. they're both representing Nigeria and Africa alright . While many say Yemi understands the music business and market better than Tiwa, stressing that she doesn’t even sing for Nigerians anymore that are songs are for the African market.

Tiwa still sings for the Nigerian market. Many said Yemi’s Versatility in singing in other languages gives her an upper edge over Tiwa who is understood for either singing in English or Yoruba. The Yoruba queens of the Nigerian music industry try the maximum amount as possible to not involve themselves in conversations as regards who is best than whom. They always want to speak about their own music and promote their music whenever they get a chance to try to to so.

Lovers of Music hope that we might at some point have collaboration between these two. Many have compared them to Davido and Wizkid. Many say Yemi is that the Wizkid of the Nigerian Music Industry while Tiwa is that the Davido. even as their fans are one-day expecting a collaboration from Wizkid and Davido, likewise the women . Many have argued that it isn’t happening soon. it's only normal to always want to pitch to great people against one another , particularly once they are within the same field. 

While some roll in the hay altogether fairness, others do so just to possess them react. Few times, they react, most times they don’t. In all, we love both of them and that we appreciate the diligence and energy they put in delivering songs. no matter whatever anyone thinks, they're doing amazingly well, and are representing accordingly. Calling either of them your favorite doesn’t mean that the opposite isn’t working as hard as your pick, it only means you vibe with this person’s music compared to the opposite person. even as you're a lover of your favorite, there are others who are devoted fans of the opposite person.

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