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See the funny names Nigerians are calling Fashola after discovering mystery camera in Lekki tollgate

The Nigerian government will never cease to amaze us all with the stunts they pull on the Nigerian youths. Recently, the Minister of works and housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola visited the crime scene of the Lekki toll gate upon the order by President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate the shooting. During the cause of the inspection conducted by Babatunde Raji Fashola, he found a camera sitting comfortably on a conspicuous pavement in the Lekki plaza. He then picked it up carefully and called it an evidence.

However, Nigerians seem to think it is too easy to be found just like that and it is a ploy devised by the government to release a false footage of the shooting. Before Fashola got there, the place has been cleaned up by LAWMA workers and furthermore, "iron condemn" scavengers have also been there. So, how will such an expensive camera still be exposed and open like that without being seen by someone else. Is Fashola the only person with eyes?

Nigerians have since resulted to calling him Special agent Jack Bauer, Raymond Reddington, Detective Sherlock, Special agent Fasho just to mention a few. See some of their funny reactions below:

🗨️Since Agent Fashola Reddington discovered the mysterious CCTV camera at Lekki Toll Gate, he should be deployed to Sambisa to uncover the perpetrators. A National Hero!🙌

🗨️I had second hand embarrassment for Babatunde Raji Fashola last night.

APC turned my favorite person in the entire party to a moron in the name of pulling Sherlock Holmes.

I mean, that toll gate was cleaned by Lawma, and even Arise TV has a clip where ‘iron condemn’ cleared up🤣

🗨️How in God’s thunderous name did y’all find a camera that expensive lying around??

Christ! I honestly type in shame! And look forward to the laughable clip the party is going to release in the coming days.

🗨️I love Fashola o.. next time, daddy should look at the script very well before he acts. That’s a terrible acting. So no one saw that camera for days, not even lawma. Omo, they no rate us true true.

🗨️The way this government underrates us is absurd, you blocked our accounts for donations we outsmarted you and used bitcoin, you tell lies with local stations but we still get foreign stations to see the truth.

This generation is smarter than all this Fashola film trick. Try again

🗨️Thousands of youths passed the lekki toll gate and didn’t see the camera but the moment Fashola passed, he saw the camera.

Truly, what an elder sees sitting down, a child can’t see even if he uses drone or climbs tree 😅 

Also see some funny screenshots of reactions below:

What do you have to say about this? Could the youths be saying the truth about Fashola lying about the mysterious camera?

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