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Meet Ryn Roberts, The Daughter Of Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson is a popular Ghanaian actress whose beautiful looks has earned her a place in the hearts of many men. When the celebrity was pregnant and was expecting a baby, Apparently, many people were stunned at this revelation.

But then, as soon as many people were able to get past the initial shock at her pregnancy, they turned focus on the identity of the baby she is expecting. As it turned out, Yvonne Nelson unveiled her baby girl upon birth, and dare we say, the cuteness of her little kid won many to her side.

See photos of the cutie;

The name Ryn is a Welsh name which means Ruler. If anything, the young beauty is treated just the way her name suggests.

Ryn's father is Jamie Roberts, a celebrity photographer prolific for his high profile photo shoots with Ghanaian actresses and actors.

Not only did he reveal that he loves his daughter just as much as he loved her mother, the photographer already has two children before he had Ryn.

Beautiful Ryn Roberts use to have an Instagram account, managed by her mom Yvonne, but Yvonne deleted the account because of negative comments about celebrities opening Instagram accounts for their babies.

Below is what led to Ryn's account being deleted;

Many of us do know that some celebrities tend to create social media pages for their children where they post pictures and video of the kids on daily basis some with captions talking about how much they love their parent and other things.

Broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah Revealed a tweet about parents who would hide behind the social media pages of their kids or babies who can’t write and be sending out sweet messages to themselves and making it looked like it was the baby.

After this post, Yvonne decided to pull down all pictures of her daughter from social media until she's grown and to avoid negative comments from people.

what do you think?

Do you think she did the right thing by deleting the account?

To me I think it's the right thing to do,Ryn is too young to be exposed to such negative comments from jobless people who probably have nothing to do other than judging and spying on celebs. The fact that they are public figures doesn't mean they should llive their lives for the public,let's give them some slack to do whatever they feel like. They are humans too.

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Stay safe.

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