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Take a Look At The Newlyweds Who Fell Into River During Wedding Photo Shoot

(Jeremy Schruder / SWNS)

A newly married couple from Canada named Lora Wendorf and Jordan Devries were posing for some lovely photos on a riverside and decided to spice things up with a bold dance move for a dramatic picture. The new bride - Lora Wendorf, asked the groom for a dip, as she wanted to try out a romantic dance move that you see on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

(Jeremy Schruder / SWNS)

Unfortunately, her husband Jordan is not a dancer and his wife did not give him much notice either before doing the backwards dip, before they could know what was happening, both fell into the river.

(Jeremy Schruder / SWNS)

Moments later, the Vancouver Island bride Lora, who thought that her husband had deliberately dropped her, emerged from the water in shock to discover that her new husband had tumbled in with her.

(Jeremy Schruder / SWNS)

Stepping out of the water, the bride admitted that she almost cried at the sight of her beautiful and expensive wedding gown, hair and makeup.

(Jeremy Schruder / SWNS)

However, the lighthearted newlyweds, both 35, made the best out of their photo shoot fail, as they addressed their guests in their wet cloths and even used the images for their thank-you notes.  

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