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Omotara The Drunkard: How Princess Ademiluyi’s New Film Depicts Effect Of Maltreating A Barren Wife

Marriage is known as a sacred and divine institution established by God. One then wonder why many marriages don’t experience peace, then growing to domestic violence, maltreatment of wife by husband and vice versa and subsequently leading to break up.

Many reasons have been adduced in respect of marriage breakup in our society. These include lack of commitment/care, infidelity, poverty and conflict. However, another reason seldomly pointing out is bareness on the part of the wife.

A school of thought believes that inability of a woman to conceive and bear child in any marriage sometimes make the woman loose her husband’s love, which sometimes make husband maltreating his the wife, inspite of their marital vow.

This is what is explained in the coming film, titled “Omotara the drunkard”. The movie produced by a young, hardworking up and coming actor, Princess Adejumoke Ademiluyi clearly explained the tragic consequences of such situation.

Princess Ademiluyi while narrating the philosophy behind the movie made it point clear that man’s maltreatment of his wife just because of her inability to give birth to children may lead to complicated issue, which if care is not taken, may result to gradual balkanization of members of a family.

The movie revolves around a certain couple faced with challenges of reproduction, which prompted the wife (Ajitoni) to seek help from “Egypt”.

During her frantic search for help, she came across a woman who introduced her to a witchcraft group, thereafter lured her into the evil gathering.

Speaking on the story line of “Omotara the drunkard”, the producer, Princess Ademiluyi said “the script writer of the film, Tunde Ola-Yusuf, who happened to be my mentor, initially titled the film as “Ayanfe Mi” but later changed it to Omotara the Drunkard”.

Princess Ademiluyi who played the role of Omotara, the lead character in the movie said the film depicts certain people belief in going to extreme length in getting their desire, no matter the cost.

She said: “In the movie, Omotara lived her life for the family. When her parents got married, her mother (Ajitoni) couldn’t conceive for a long period after marriage. Unlike some few men who will still continue showing understanding and love to their spouses in such a situation, Omotara’s father (Adisa) resorted to maltreatment of his wife. He would sometimes beat her to a pulp. Unable to bear this treatment, Ajitoni told a third party her experience, who took her to another woman for solution. She was promptly assured that she would conceive and bore children. The two women are members of the same witchcraft coven and succeeded in luring Ajitoni to be one of their members.

“In her desperation, Ajitoni care less about the type of offspring she would get through the help of her new “associates. All she care for was just any would suffice. She finally had two children (a boy and a girl).

“But the two children (named Adisa and Omotara) destinies carried no glory. Unsatisfied, Ajitoni consulted and pleaded with the witches to crown her children destinies with glory. Solution however came when a member of the coven agreed to exchange her children’s glory with that of children of Ajitoni chi9ldren.

“However this didn’t last, as the time progressed, the woman (also a member of the coven) who transferred her children glory to those of Ajitoni, demanded that her children glory be returned.

“Ajitoni however found it uncomfortable for her children who have been living cosy lives to become wretched. She couldn’t even fathom this in her imaginary sense.

What could she do when the “owner” has demanded for her children’s treasures to be taken from her children?  Ajitoni was given an option to die if she wanted her children (Akande and Omotara) to continue using another persons’ glory. She finally consented.

The story line becomes more interesting, when Ajitoni, before her premature death ensured that her daughter (Omotara) took her place and position among members of  the coven, thus turned the innocent child to carry load she did not bargained for.

As it is well known that if devil gives you a fowl, he would definitely get a goat in return. Yet undone, the leadership of the coven demanded another difficult sacrifice. This however changed the destiny of Omotara and his brother, Akande.

Omotara the drunkard is a must watch film for every family, very educative and philosophical, it teaches couple to endure the experience of late in child birth bearing and become tolerant of each others in their marital life.

The cast include Lateef Oladimeji (Akande), Samson Eluwole (Adisa), Peju Omobolanle (Ajitoni) Joke Muyiwa, Bukola Awoyemi, Victoria Ajibola and host of other popular actors.

No doubt the movie has brought out the best in the life of the Ile-Ife born thespian who has spent barely few years in the industry.

According to Princess Ademiluyi: “I got to the industry through the influence of my dad who handed me over to his friend and a veteran in the industry, Samson Eluwole (a.k.a. Jinadu Ewele). It was Jinadu who took me to undergo training under a popular script writer and director, Tunde Ola-Yusuf”.

But what could have attracted the Ile-Ife Princess into make believe world which nowadays paraded “mixed” characters?

She said, “Since I was young, I became fascinated with the movie industry with a great passion. I know I have the talent and therefore determined in my heart not to waste it. When I told my father, he wasted not time in supporting my dream, likewise my mother”

“So my mission is to stay long around and stamp my feet in the industry” she added.

Rating Nigerian movie industry, Princess Ademiluyi said it’s really getting stronger and attractive but there are rooms for improvement.

The vivacious actor stated her mission in the film industry is to be an agent of reformation and assured that “in the next five years by the grace of God I will be at the peak of my career in the industry”.

The film is expected to be released into the market before the end of third quarter of the year.

Content created and supplied by: Babs-Oluribigbe-Adeoye (via Opera News )

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