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Top 6 Celebrities Body Transformations For A Movie Role That Stunned The World

1.Gerard Butler as Leonidas in "300"

Gerard Butler took physical transformation to a whole new level preparing for his role as the Spartan King Leonidas in "300." Sculping his body into that of a Greek warrior was no easy task, and it took seven months of heavy training.

2.Christian Bale in "Batman Begins"

Lets start our list with one of the most dedicated actors out there, Christian Bale. The British actor is known for his transformations, but his biggest one happened when he bulked himself up to play Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins" just months after he played the insomniac in "The Machinist" where he looked as skinny as the person can be.

3.Chris Hemsworth in "Thor"

To play the god of thunder in "Thor," Hemsworth had to look the part. And if that was not impressive enough, he landed a role in the movie "Rush," where he had to drop a significant amount of weight to play Formula-1 World Champion James Hunt. Only to bulk up again for another "Thor" movie. His secret? Switching from a heavy weightlifting and eating as much as he possibly can to a non-stop cardio with a lower calorie intake.

4.Will Smith in "Ali"

It took eight years for Will Smith to accept the part of the legendary boxer, Mohammad Ali. By his own admission, Smith wanted to be 100% certain that this was the role he was born to play. Once he accepted it, the actor dedicated himself entirely to this role. Not only did he learn all the boxing moves, but was also able to learn how to speak in Ali's unusual dialect.

5.Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans gained quite a bit of muscle for his role as Captain America. And he did so by hiring the same trainer who helped Daniel Craig bulk up for Bond. The workouts were brutal, but the actor was able to endure. There was some serious heavy lifting involved in the process, and not one bit of cardio, as the actor himself confirmed. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get so big for the role.

6.Bradley Cooper in "American Sniper"

Bradley Cooper isn't exactly an actor you would imagine as Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL veteran and sniper who was a 230-pound bear of the man. But Cooper proved he can transform himself as he added 40 pounds of muscles. And he did so by eating almost 6,000 calories every day.

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