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You are Awake But You Can't Move or Open Your Eyes, See the Demon Causing it.

Good day great minds I have come again with another controversial issues that we might have experienced in our life especially in our sleep that has made us thought and wondered about the problem and mystery behind it. Some of you might know, while some might not know.

What I'm about to talk about is the delay in waking up from sleep, it happens that you are awake and somehow concious of what is happening around you but you can't open your eyes or stand up, or sometimes your are in a deep dream and it looks as if you can't wake up from your dream. Well, I want to tell you that those things are not ordinary they are spiritual and you should know about it before it gets to late.

This is the Demon and evil spirit behind it;

Mare: Mare is an evil spirit that rest on people's chest at night and also causes bad dreams for people whenever they are at sleep. The world Mare was derived from the word Nightmare it's also an old English term for evil spirit. But if you search Mare you won't see it at first, unless you put the word Evil beside it.

When this can happen is when you are not spiritually strong you need to pray every night not only every night but every single time remember the Bible says pray without season.

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