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Not Fathia! Meet Yoruba Nollywood Actor Saidi Balogun's Ex-Wife Sheriffat And Children (Photos)

Many may fail to know that Said Balogu who is a veteran Yoruba Nollywood actor was married to a woman before getting married to the well known Fathia Balogun now Williams.

Many celebrities have been involved in series of scandals regarding their personal life which is very common in the entertainment industry today which have stirred up the desire for me to know why. Every now and then we often hear about baby mama cases, divorce cases etc. Divorce is one of the major issue sparkling up curiosity in the entertainment industry. Tho there are several celebrities who are trying to put a stop the the frequent divorce saga ragging the industry. 

Saidi Balogun and Fathia Balogun who featured together in some Yoruba movies, always putting smiles on the faces of their viewers and who have also put lots of smile to relationships/marriages when they where together is not an exemption concerning the divorce sagas ragging the entertainment industry. We will be discussing about their divorce issue.

Saidi Balogun on the 7th of September 2000 got married to Faithia Balogun in Ikorodu Marriage Registry, Lagos. A boy and a girl known as Khalid and Aliyah Balogun is the product of the union which lasted for only 6 years; they divorced in the year 2006.

According to sources, a woman named Sherifat Balogun is the first wife of the veteran Yoruba actor. Many today believed that Faithia Balogun is the first wife of Said Balogun which is totally wrong.

Sherifat Balogun who is a lover of music showed up at the Saidi Balogun's 50th birthday party which happened at mid 2017 is believed to be beautiful and not a social media type. Despite several claims that she is still romantically involved with Saidi Balogun, no one can tell if that claim is actually true or wrong.

Sherifat Balogun is believed to have two lovely children for Saidi Balogun. They are identified as Zinnat Balogun and Jamal Balogun. Both of them are now undergraduates and have been spotted with their father at several occasions.

Zinnat Balogun and Jamal Balogun who are the children of Sheriffat Balogun have been seen with the veteran actor on so many occasions and it is believed that Sherifat Balogun bore those children for Saidi Balogun. 

In 2014, Saidi Balogun and Fathia divorce became official after they divorce papers was finalized. Both has actually moved on with their lives and are currently in good terms with each other.

Conclusively, we can say Saidi Balogun has four children from two women (Sherrifat and Fathia); two for Sherrifat and Two for Fathia. Despite the divorce scandals, Saidi has not failed in his responsibilities as a father towards his children. Saidi Balogun hopefully might get another wife or better still clinch to his lovely children. Saidi is indeed a man to emulate.

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