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Top 4 Horror Movies You Should Avoid If You Easily Get Scared

There're movies that are ordinary and funny, but not too scary, and there are also this set of movies you have to watch with someone around so you don't lose your mind.

I discovered that a lot of people are greatly affected by horror movies, and it causes this unexplained fear.

Below are the 5 horror movies you should avoid if little things scare you.


This horror movie was acted In the year 2018, and it involves spirits that refuse to leave the church building, which kept killing nuns but later through the help of a priest, the building got cleaned. This movie can make you pee on your cloth if you're someone that easily gets scared.

Truth or dare

It started as a normal movie until all 7 friends played the game "Truth or Dare" in an enchanted room. Even after they ended the game, an evil spirit still forced each and every one of them to continue playing, and it killed almost all the friends. I watched this movie at night, and it really messed with my mind.

The Walking Dead

It's an American horror movie Developed by Frank Darabont and was first released on the 31st of October, 2010. You will find this TV series on almost every top 5 list containing the names of scary films and it's very popular. It contains 80% scary scenes that can make you really get scared.

San Andreas

This particular movie is different from the others, there are no ghosts or zombies, but it shows where part of America is hit by a heavy earthquake. Your heart will skip a dozen times if you're watching it for the first time because you'll see people falling from skyscrapers, and you will also see the earth burying a lot of people. In fact, it can really give an older person High BP.

Bottom line, stay away from these movies if horror movies do affect you badly.

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