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OPINION:The Questionable Lifestyles of Some Online Comedians May Put the EFCC on High Alert

Nigeria as a country is faced with security issues and crime rate has also been on the increase. It is quite normal that one should be wealthy but having an unexplained source of wealth can attract the authorities especially when there is a show off.

Instagram comedy was a business that started just few years ago and some young Individuals are doing quite well and making a name for themselves. These Instagram comedians have been able to attract millions of followers to them as they keep dishing out content to entertain them.

In 2021, we have seen the likes of Sir Balo secured a new elegant house and also saw Zicsaloma secure a new car and house in a short period of time. With these, fans see that there is good money in the online comedy world.

Zicsaloma's purchase of a Mercedes and a house had raised many highbrows after he only became popular in recent months. Sir Balo's own might be quite understandable since he has been in the online comedy work for years now.

Just few months ago, a certain comedian in the person of Pankeeroy as he is popularly called was arrested on suspected fraud related charges. His arrest raised many highbrows and questions began to linger everywhere.

The comedian regularly shows off his acquittance on multiple occasions in his Instagram posts but with that incident, many began to raise question as regards to the source of his wealth and that of others.

With the latest case involving popular online comedian "Oluwadolarz", many eyes are now sure to be watching the comedy industry. Oluwadolarz was called for questioning on his affliation with a fraudulent entity. The young lives in an elegant house and with flashy cars to match.

The authorities especially the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) might have a lot of job to do if more cases like this pops out in the nearest future. Online comedians on Instagram may be questioned for the array of wealth that they possess.

The controversy surrounding the Pankeeroy and Oluwadolarz's cases of fraudulent affliations may have sent a bad wave across to other online comedians.

It is only right that should acquire legal and explainable sources of wealth. Although, there is good amount of money being invested in the online comedy in recent years.

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Content created and supplied by: lasgidiGist (via Opera News )

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