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Top five DC movies from worst to best

I have seen all these movies and I want to give my opinion of the top five dc movies from good to best

5.number five goes to justice league movie.

Now let me tell u why it is number five .The justice league movie had many flaws that plenty dc fans did not like some of them are

*The lighting of the movie.If you have watched the movie you will notice that every where seemed really dark even during day time.

*The graphics.well dc really did not do well in the graphical area the appearance of Steppenwolf and the pera demons did not just look real .

*The fact that the whole justice league could not take Steppenwolf and only superman was able to defeat him so easily.Dc really downgraded thier super heroes there especially wonder woman.

*Batman.Dc really downgraded batman in that movie normally batman is like the king of martial art,very good with gadgets,very flexible,performs acrobatics,and very smart but in the movie you can see bay man could not perform any stunt he also did not use any form of martial art and seemed to fat to be flexible or perform any stunt all he did was call for his huge machines.

Now lets go to number 4

4.Superman vs batman dawn of justice.

This movie was just like justice league movie.It was very dark batman could not do any acrobatics or use any special fighting skill in his fight against superman all he did was depend on his machines .

To number 3 now this is were things started getting interesting.

3.Birds of prey

First of all Hatley Queen and the joker are very intresting and crazy characters which you can never get bored with.The story of harlequin was a very intresting one.The acrobatics and martial art were way better than bat man's in dawn of justice and justice league .

To number 2.

2.wonder woman.This was a very intresting movie.From the training of wonder woman to the stunts and fighting scene also the story of ares and the Greece gods.To how she behaved strange in the real world not to forget the antagonist and his plan.movies in which the antagonist has a perfect plan are always intresting cause you will watch the plan unfolding little by little with the heroes having no clue even the character was perfect very beautiful .now to number one

1.This is no other than Aqua man.

This movie was so intresting .This is the second dc movies that is bright almost all dc movies are very dark.the fight scenes between orhm and author was perfect the under water effect to was perfect the graphics of the kingdom of Atlantis was also perfect.Even the was author and mera fell in love gradually was very exciting to watch.

That's all thanks for reading please follow and likeif u enjoyed seeing that someone understands the movies the way you do.and if u feel am wrong drop in d comment section

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