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Husband and wife relationship

Short story on marriage

My marriage to blessing is about to end,It was quiet obivious,the love was there anymore,although we been married for 10years but things has change,blessing has change.she doesn't care about her looks,she isn't my wife that usually go to the gym.

Now all she does was to sleep around,and to top it all,she has lost weight,the sexy once curvy Mrs blessing is now thin like a broom.

As if this wasn't enough reason to divorce her

She doesn't cook for me again,I had to be eating outside.Anyway her lost is my gain there i met Cynthia the beautiful,sexy lady,men she has it all,she knows what I want,and gives it to me without asking.finally I found love again.

Today I will be going to see the lawyer,hopefully I would be able to divorce blessing before month end,then Cynthia can move in,am sure the kids will understand.

Coming out of the bathroom,I saw blessing tying her usual wrapper,she looked at me and frowned,what's going on on her mind I thought

Then finally she spoke to me

"What will you have for breakfast "?

"Am fine ,you don't need to stress yourself

Just go and continue sleeping like you usually do "

"Sam she shouted,have u ever wondered why am like,What wrong have I done,I don't deserve this treatment from you

"Blessing i also don't deserve this treatment,now listen am going to court to see the lawyer"

"And so ,What has you going to see the lawyer has to do with me"she asked

"I want a divorce I said looking into her eye

"You want a divorce she asked

"Yes and am getting the divorce papers today's

"So Sam you think you can marry me when you like and send me away when you want,well am sorry Mr am not signing anything. You can do what u want

Just as I was about to talk,My phone rang it was my beloved Cynthia

Hi baby,Will come over tonight I said

Yes am going there today once am done I will come over

Bye love you.

I ended the call and walked away.

I got to the court, and decided to speak with my lawyer about the divorce.

Mr Sam,you been married to your wife for 10years. you both have kids so why do u want to divorce her now

"To be honest with you sir we don't love each other anymore,in fact sir I don't know her anymore "I answered

"Then try to know her,won't give you divorce papers now until a month,be nice to your wife find out what the problem is,tell her what u want,she willlisten to you,So after a month you can come back if you still want a divorce .

"But I just told you that we don't love each other anymore

I know Sam,Am not saying this a lawyer but as your friend. Listen to me man,and do as I say.

Okay then. I left the court.

On my way back home, I thought of what I could buy for blessing, I decided to buy her flowers am sure she will love It, meanwhile I called Cynthia and told her I won't see her that night.

I got home and as usual madam was sleeping, I gently called her and told her we need to talk.

"What do you want to talk about?she asked

"First of all am sorry "I said

What,she said opening her mind did anything happened to you "

No blessing, nothing happened am just sorry

Here I got you flowers

"Thanks she said looking at me mysteriously

"Don't worry you won't pass out.did you prepare anything I asked

"Yes yes o made fried rice

Wow my favourite,alright dish some for me let me freshen up "

"Em okay

I knew I have never seen her this happy for a while now,even if I don't love her again she is still my wife for a month.

It almost a month since I went to the court,and to be sincere things has changed, my marriage is back, my love, everything.

Now we go out for lunch, dinner,dates,My blessing is back she is the woman I married 10years ago, the mother of my kids,she dresses up for me now does what I want. Am glad I didn't end up divorcing her .

As for Cynthia we broke up long ago,she couldn't bear to see me with my wife anyway that is behind me now,I have my family,My responsibility and I have my woman to look after.

Today makes it a month and will be going back to meet my lawyer am sure he will be surprised.

"Good morning sir I greeted him"

"Mr Sam you are here,so I will get the divorce papers today sorry I didn't call

"Em no sir am not here for that

"So what are you here for?

"Am here to say thank you,you stopped me from making the wrong decision of my life.

Thanks so much sir

"You see Mr Sam, marriage is not just about procreation ,It a bond betweentwo people,the moment you say I do,you have agreed to forgive the person mistake,spend ur entire life with them

And as the husband if your wife doesn't dress to your taste,make her do,tell her what you want,communicate with me.groom her to your taste but don't change her she is wife,your second am happy I could help.

"Sir I guess I caused all this, i didn't listen to her,I felt she old and grumpy

Is my mistake and am glad I have rectify it.

I left the court and stopped to get a ring, tonight I will propose to my wife again and this time around no more mistakes.

I went home opened the door,and saw my wife taking drugs

I asked what happened to her and the answer I got left me speechless

Am HIV positive she said showing me the report,Am sorry I couldn't tell you earlier.

"Is okay my love I said cuddling her,we will pass through this together as a couple.

She looked at me and smile,Then she said I love you Sam

I brought out the ring went on my knees and asked

"Will you marry me Mrs blessing Sam?

She opened her mouth and I could see tears dropping off her cheeks

Yes I will Mr Sam,I will,a billion yes she said hugging me so tight.

I cleaned her eyes with my hand,she smiled

I told her every tears matters to don't cry

I love you Sam

I love you too blessing I said and kissed her.

Marriage is a secred union don't let anyone or anything destroy your marriage.listen to each other and let love lead.pls like and follow.

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