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Read How A Nigerian Man, Duke Of Shomolu Reacts To The Death Of His Beautiful Wife

A Man But A Beaten Man

No one wish to bury their loved ones, but when it happens, we just have to accept it as 'fate', especially when a man gets the news of the passage of his loved ones, many expect him to be strong, be a man they say, be a man, it is well.

But remember, When a loved one passes on,

Their spirit never dies.

And as we journey on alone,

They're always by our side.

Such is the story of prolific Theatre Producer and Investment Banker, Joseph Edgar, popularly known as the Duke of Shomolu.

Edgar, who is also a columnist with one of the leading media firms in Nigeria broke the news of the demise of his wife, in a piece he tittles, *I smile* 

He wrote, "The dr looked at me trying very had to be professional and I looked at him trying very had to be a man.

We both knew what he was going to say. Tough for him for he had told me just last night that she was on the path to recovery.

As he spoke, i blanked out. I wasnt hearing him anymore and his voice was a boring drone, iritating to my ears

I'm sorry she didnt make it. He told me. I looked at him failing to be a man.

I said thank you for your efforts. Can I see her. He said sure.

I went into the ICU. They said mpney would save her. We poured in millions but she lay their naked and gone 

This was Mena. Alvins Mena. As i stood there still tying to be a Man. Alvin called. Is my mum ok. I said Yes. He said thanks Dad, bring Dominoes for me.

I stood for 30 minutes, just looking at her. She had fought the good fight and it is good night. So I pulled the cloth over her pretty face and said, Goodnight and Thank you.

I walked out of the ICU, A Man but a beaten Man. In tears for Alvin who was calling every 10 minutes about his Mum.

Alvin comes to fore. Alvin is his mother and Alvin is the Man.


Death, You got me there. Welldone.

 *Duke of Shomolu* 

 *I smile*

Pray for him.

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