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"Your brain is getting smaller" Ifedioku replies fan who asked her question (see details)

Ifedioku is a young Nigerian girl that has become famous lately on the internet due to some makeup less pictures of her going viral.

The young beauty has since been taking advantage of her new found fame by posting more and more pictures of herself on her gram thereby increasing her number of followers.

She has also gotten the opportunity of endorsement by modelling for a clothing brand called

Recently she could be seen posting pictures taken of herself in swimwear promoting the clothing line of the said brand.

What however led to her referring to the thinking capacity of a fan as small?

Well the young model had actually taken to her instagram page to tell her fans that they could ask her questions and she would respond.

Most people went with basic questions

Like "what's the worst text you've received", "what's the secret to your skin",

"why don't you smile?" "And who's your crush" "why are you single" et.c

The young model answered all of them accordingly.

But a particularly over-forward fan asked her a question that seemed to make her angry.

Here is the screenshot below.

Hence she responded in that manner calling the person's brain small and completing her response with "this life no balance".

It's hard to tell if her response was necessary and if there was a way to have actually responded to that with less sarcasm.

But one thing we can learn from all this is, "never ask personal questions such as those"

What are your thoughts on these?

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