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Dark memes that will leave you rolling with tears

Dark memes are really popular these days but they walk a fine line between being offensive and funny. That being said these memes aren't made with any bad intentions, they're just for fun, so do not take offense in any.Basically every mirror you buy has been tested this it means someone has used it before you!Ive always wondered who even invented cow milk, but this is next levelAnother type of hear break..lolAlways mind your businesswho else hates sleep paralysis??The initial shock is heart stoppingOk I'll just drop this one..hahahahaRemember when we used to be kids and couldn't wait to grow up?

feastThis one hit me right in the feelsDecisons decisions decisionsget some holy water

We shouldn't go around trying to impress everyone . It's all vain. One day everybody dies and are soon forgotten some will remember us, but even they will die at some point. One should live life without the needless pressure of impressing people.

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