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16 Funny Memes and Hilarious Replies about school days that will set your cheeks rolling

It's a new day and memes have been popping on the net. Memes are picture, images, figures and ideas used to communicate in a specific manner. In this article, is a compilation of funny memes that pass a positive message hilariously. The first one above shows the conversation between two users. The first user is just trying to have a decent chat while the other one has another perspective.

The meme below speaks for itself. When you think you will get into trouble but you have helped someone that could easily lift you off your worries.

The situation expressed in the meme below is quite common nowadays when a post is handled like the way it's explained in the meme. It happens to writers also. It can be shocking to discover new facts about people you move around with and those you trust. The meme below depicts that. The funny meme below says short people argue cause they are not talk to see the real point. There are more memes below for your exploration. Kindly follow for more updates. Also like news, state your views and share to friends on media to make the fun go round.

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