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Don't Leave Me Challenge: 25 Don't Leave Me Jokes to Make you Smile

- If i trow my time up in the air does that mean i have an airtime? Don't leave me oh.

- If a cat is on a pillar, does that makes it a caterpillar?

- If I have a key and place it on board does that make it keyboard?

- If I have a corn and I put it on a tree dose that make it a country?

- If someone pits a bill on my gate does that makes me Billgate?

- Five ant +five ant does that make it equal to TENANT?

- I have a whiskey with me and i gave it to a kid to keep, does that make him WIZKID?

- If I draw a cup on a board, it's called cupboard

- If I carry a stick and place it on my lips does that make it a lips stick?

- If i stand under a table, does that make me understand? Don't live me

- If I carry a rubber on my arm does it make me an arm rubber?

- If i point a gun at a photo and shoot does that make it a photo shoot?

- If I blow cattarh inside a pot does it make me catapult?

- If I wear a cap and i hold a tin does it make me captain?

- If a lizard gives birth those it mean Elizabeth?

- Ronald is a man he chested the ball Does that mean he is from Manchester?

- What soup did Rema ask is mom to make another banga.

- A take sand I pour it on a that sandwich.

- I have a phone I put it on my eye that is how we have iphone.

- Everytime I miss bae, I get sick, they call me basic.


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