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Are you a content creator? These secrets will help you make your contents go viral.

Do you create amazing contents that end up performing below expectation?

Do you often have low clicks and traffic on your blog?

Do you wish to improve on your lapses and loopholes?

If you answer "Yes" to at least 2 of the above mentioned questions, this article is definitely for you.

Most a times, you put in all your best; your time, energy and even resources just to carve out an outstanding content but this content turns out to disappoint you by performing very poor. This is actually not a weakness on your side, its a normal phenomenon. Though there are a lot of people out there who its actually working out for, I mean they get very high clicks and traffic on their blogs and sites. These people are not in any way better than you do, they don't have two heads, they are normal human beings like me & you. The only difference is that they apply the correct format and it turns out to workout for them.

Today I'll be sharing with you some of my top secrets that'll enable your posts and contents go exclusively viral.

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1. The Title:

This is most times referred to as the Headline. Its the first bait which captures the attention of the reader. People do not actually give a damn about you and your posts, that is the harsh reality.

People really do not care much about what you put out there, its your headline that has the ability to capture and transform their mindset from the default mindset of "not caring about the stuffs a creator posts" to a new mindset of seeing it as an "obligation" to click on that particular content.

As a content creator who's trying to improve on headlines, kindly note that the best headlines don't need to be witty, clever, or complex, keep your headline straight, simple and to the point. Begin by understanding the subject line that you want to write about, put the reader in mind, and let the facts speak for you, make it personal, don't forget the supporting cast, ask questions that make people think. With all these put in place, there's a high tendency that your titles/headlines will appear to be one of the best if not the best and this will also reflect positively on the performance of your contents.

Therefore work on your headlines.

2. The thumbnail: A thumbnail is an image or images usually attached close to the title or headline of a content as seen below:

Thumbnails play a very vital role in helping your contents go viral. As the saying goes "First impression matters" so also is applicable here. The thumbnail serves as that first visual impression that captures the attention of your readers and force them to stream your content.

Below are tips to put in place before bringing up a thumbnail:

1. Use high quality captivating images with also high resolution, not blurry and shabby looking ones.

2. Make sure the image tallies with exactly what the content is talking about.

3. The human attention span is very short, about 7 seconds. Therefore an attractive thumbnail is a necessary in order for a content to go viral.

Your contents on the web and various media will be useless if you can’t grab your reader's attention at the beginning of the post that's why you really need to try out the above mentioned formats if you want positive results.

That is all for today. Need more clarifications? Direct your questions to the comment section below and I'll be back in a jiffy to answer you.

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