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Any Lawyer who Cheers the Arrest of Funke Akindele is An Educated Illiterate

Be careful The Tyranny You Cheer. 

Any Lawyer and Civil Libertarian who cheers the arrest of Funke Akindele is AN EDUCATED IDIOT! 

When I heard Funke and her husband together with a few celebrities violated the "Social Distancing" Order for celebrating her husband's birthday party and that she was subsequently arrested while others are still at large, my first thought was that they had a street or club party which in my view would have been inappropriate given the order. I thought to myself that these celebrities always love to test the limits of the law. But I was wrong. 

This morning I decided to watch the video of their so-called violation. I saw it on Facebook and discovered that it was actually AN HOUSE PARTY. 


That is the offence for which Funke Akindele has been arrested and now faces arraignment before a Magistrate.

She and her husband had the audacity to celebrate her husband's birthday with friends and loved ones INSIDE HER OWN HOME! 


(I'll be curious to see what her Charge Sheet looks like when she is arraigned. That she assembled her loved ones and was partying in her own home and therefore committed an offence contrary to Section...... ).  

I hate that I am a Nigerian in moments like this. 

Please, I beg you in the name of the deity you serve, if you don't have anything democratically sensible to say on this topic, gently and kindly read and move on. Don't come here and spew garbage. 

Is this still a democracy? 

I mean, do we still extol concepts such as fundamental human right to privacy? 

Do we have rule of law or rule of the State? 

If people are forced by fiat to stay in their homes and are forbidden to associate and celebrate memorable milestones IN THEIR OWN HOMES, can we really call that a democracy?

Are we really going to stand for this and cheer this show of tyranny under the guise of fighting a virus? 

Most of you know I am not a fan of Naira Marley or most of our celebrities but they are human beings and are possessed of the sacred fundamental human right to privacy and NO LOCKDOWN ORDER can rip apart a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. If that were to be allowed, then all of our fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution can be suspended by a "Stay-At-Home-Order". 

No Order or Law can supersede a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Any sophomore Law School Student knows that fact. So my question is; are we still a Constitutional Democracy? 

As it is now, we cannot step out of our homes because we are under state-imposed quarantine. And if we dare to assemble in our own rooms to have much-needed fun in isolation and celebrate a birthday, we also risk arrest and prosecution. Is this where we are now as a so-called civilized society? 

I used to think that government is not above the law. 

I used to think that citizens are not below the law. 

Am I wrong now? 

Even IN MY OWN ROOM I am not safe from the government. They can cook up any excuse (in this case fighting a pandemic) and break down my door to arrest me for having a birthday with friends and family IN MY OWN HOME! 

If you support this arrest and you claim to be a 21st Century homo sapiens, you should be ashamed of yourself. 

The real crime of Funke Akindele and her husband in this saga is that they uploaded the event on social media. If they hadn't done so, Funke would be in her home by now under forced lockdown. Their real offence was that they got carried away and overexcited. 

So it makes sense to say that this is nothing but PR prosecution by the government. They probably felt they needed to act in order to look like they are taking the pandemic seriously. No serious-minded person who is not thinking like a typical Black Man (because let's face it, black people are tyrannical by habit) thinks the arrest was right. The arrest took place so that government could win a Covid-19 PR war. 'We are working', is the message. 

But if we get to a place where in this statewide house-arrest people can no longer assemble with friends and family IN THEIR OWN HOME, then we should stop deceiving ourselves that we have a Constitutional Democracy. What we have is a legally-sanctioned tyranny. 

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