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Read reactions from Tacha’s fans over “Dr Oluwaseun” comment: Tacha is low-budget CeeC

Tacha’s fans also known as the Titians are currently the most angry set of fans right now. After the comment made by Dr Oluwaseun regarding their queen.

Dr Oluwaseun said one thing he noticed about Tacha when she got to the big brother house, she wanted to play the game like CeeC did. Which in turn makes her a low budget CeeC.

“When you imitate you only becomes second best to the person”

You know what Titians can do as they took to Twitter asking for his handle so they could give him his response.

The statement didn’t go down well with the fans, as many fans are of the opinion he’s talking trash. Their queen got to the house and played her game like she should not imitating anybody.

Calling her low budget CeeC is the height of insult I will hear against my queen- please give me his handle let me handle him.

Check below for more reactions from fans.

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