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Check Out The Names K1, Saheed Osupa And Pasuma Created For Their Different Set Of Fans And Why

Fuji music industry is a very interesting one. And, that is not just because the industry boasts of some of the most talented artistes that the whole of the Nigerian music industry has seen. It is also because of the constant "healthy" rivalry amongst the top stars in the industry, which usually creates regular talking points for the teeming fans of Fuji music. If, it is not about one Fuji music star presumed to be dissing another Fuji music star in a new album today, the talking point may be on whose album sells more than the other tomorrow, or which Fuji music star has more money, than the other next tomorrow. The talking points never get exhausted in the Fuji music circuit.

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And, when it comes to talking points in Fuji music, an interesting one is how Fuji music stars like King of Fuji music, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal better known as K1, King of Music, Alhaji (Dr.) Saheed Okunola simply known as Saheed Osupa, and Shehu of Fuji, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma, created different names for their respective set of fans in the industry. Any good fan of Fuji music would attest to the fact that, the first popular name that emerged from Fuji music circle was created by no other Fuji music star than K1, for himself and his set of fans.

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Yes, it was K1 who first creatively coined a kind of family name for his retinue of fans, as a Fuji music artiste in Nigeria. And, the name he created is popularly known as "Arabambi". And, according to findings, K1 created Arabambi out of his claim to the headship of Fuji music genre globally, and the high respect that he craved to come with it. By way of further analysis, in the Yoruba pantheon, the god of thunder, Sango, is the one reverred to as Arabambi by its worshippers. And, Sango being a highly revered god amongst the Yoruba traditionalists, K1, apparently adopted that name to allude that his own position as the King of Fuji music commands such a high respect a la Sango, the god of thunder.

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So, K1 is widely known as Arabambi by his numerous fans, and they also call themselves members of the Arabambi Family, as fans of Fuji music. And, at a point in time when Pasuma reportedly told K1 that he wanted to become K1's second-in-command to which K1 obliged, Pasuma then adopted the title of Otunba K1, which meant the second-in-command to the King of Fuji Music. And, since K1 is also known as Arabambi 1, Pasuma also said at that time that he had become Arabambi 2, accordingly. Though later, there was Arabambi 3, 4, and so on as claimed by younger Fuji music stars, but the very significant ones were the 1 and 2, which were K1 and Pasuma, respectively.

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The situation remained like that with no other "family name" known in the Fuji music circle until the point in time when the creator of Fuji music, late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Balogun also known as Barrister, did the unexpected. And what did he do? He, at a performance with Saheed Osupa on stage, pronounced Saheed Osupa as new King of Music! And, the late Fuji music creator emphasised there and then that, no one should call Saheed Osupa only, as a name any more, without adding "King" to it. And unfortunately, that singular action kicked off a period of crisis in the Fuji music industry. Because, K1 and Pasuma tried as much as possible, to resist the King title given to Saheed Osupa since they felt it sounded like an affront to the already established position of K1, as the King of Fuji; though Saheed Osupa's newly given title then was King of Music, and not King of Fuji that K1 is known as.

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Meanwhile, Saheed Osupa, on his own part, defended his title ruggedly despite the intense opposition that came against it, back then. And, it was in the process of defending the title that he too felt, he needed to create an identity for his family of fans standing by him at that crucial time. And, what did he create? He created the name "Olufimo" as his own Kingship appellation to balance with the Arabambi that K1, Pasuma and the rest of the presumed opposition had. So, his fans began to call themselves members of the Olufimo Family too, as Fuji music fans. And, by that word "Olufimo", Saheed Osupa tacitly sent the message across that, after him, there would be no other King amongst Fuji music stars because, God had stopped the titles on him. God is also called "Olu" in Yoruba, and "-fimo" means, it has stopped.

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So, from that point, the two popular "family names" for fans of Fuji music were just Arabambi and Olufimo, until an issue later cropped up between K1 and Pasuma, and Pasuma consequently decided to break his ties with the Arabambi Family. And, what did he do next? Pasuma created his own new "family name" in Fuji music which he called "Oga Nla Family". And, "Oga Nla" simply means, The Big Boss. So, Pasuma apparently sent the message across that, he had become The Big Boss to other Fuji music stars in the industry. And, his fans began to call themselves members of the Oga Nla Family.

So, ever since then, the three "family names" popular amongst Fuji music fans have been: Arabambi, Olufimo and Oga Nla, as created by K1, Saheed Osupa and Pasuma.

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