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I Noticed My Daughter Loves Eating Cucumber But Not To The Extent of Hurting Me With It (Fiction)

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My name is Mrs Adediran Morenikeji, popularly known as "Iya oni koko" because I sell pap for a living with my beautiful daughter Amoke.

Since the death of my husband Babajide, I have been the only one acting as a father and a mother for my little girl. We hawk everyday in order to make a living from it. I bless God for the kind of daughter he gave me because she has been an amazing daughter to me, I feel like she is a blessing from God in order to wipe away my tears.

We continued with our daily routine of hawking pap every morning inwhich I was able to gather up enough to send my daughter to school, she has indeed been putting smiles on my face and making me proud in her academics.

My daughter is well known and loved by everyone in her school, she has brought in honour to my name and that of the school with alot of awards in her name due to the competitions she has won for her school on various occasions.

It got to a stage that when I don't even have the money to pay for her fees ontime the school owner doesn't even bother me because he knows how hard it is for us, not until the day the principal told me not to pay 1 kobo into her education anymore that she is now on a scholarship.

I rolled on the flour with so much gladness, thanking God for making things much easier for me. Amoke is now a big girl and now in SS2, I was indeed very proud of the woman she has become, not until I started noticing some strange things about her, inwhich I started doubting her but I kept on praying for her knowing fully well that she is now a teenager and not that little girl I used to know.

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Thesame thing keeps happening over and over again, I noticed that my baby girl takes too long in the bathroom and have been acting suspicious ever since. She moves with some set of friends that I don't like and has changed totally from the girl I used to know but I didn't want to be too harsh on her knowing fully well that she is now an adult.

I told a friend of mine about the whole thing but I was still not getting the answer I wanted, not until a particular day my daughter was in the bathroom as usual and I followed her silently and stayed at the corner of the door but I didn't hear the sound of water for some few minutes, I got frustrated and pushed the door. My dear people, you won't believe what I saw.

I saw my daughter using an earpiece with her phone with a big cucumber in her private part (masturbating).

I couldn't believe my eyes, instantly I knew my enemies have finally gotten me. Amoke held on to me pleading for forgiveness, I was speechless I really didn't know what to do, I thought I brought my daughter up in a Godly manner but I found out that I was wrong after all. I'm still in shock and depressed of the whole thing, please where did I get it all wrong in training my daughter?

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